Friday, 5 June 2020

Trouble down river ....

The galley Leopold is out on a short river patrol shake-down trip...
On board are King Leopold and his cousin Graf von Tiddenheim, making a surprise visit, come to see the new ship on the water, they are being shown around by Captain Bidekker.
 A small sailing boat is seen approaching from down river
 The boat pulls up by the Leopold - Bidekker talks to the crew...
   He finds out that they are on the way to Vanderhof to raise the alarm and ask for assistance - a Begovian corsair galley has bombarded the shore settlements and wharfs down stream in the Braunlandt.  Bidekker tells them to report the situation to the river flotilla HQ; the boat then left to sail on up river to get to Vanderhof.

Bidekker informs the King. He then makes to turn the galley round to take the King to safety Vanderhof, his orders are countermanded - "No time for that says the King, we must act fast - take us down river"....."We want to see this ship in action" ....


  1. Interesting, it looks like you're building up for some ship to ship action?
    Cheers Greg

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