Wednesday, 15 April 2020

New Ottoman style infantry masters...

As I'm going to making a mould for a 40mm tatar as part of my 17C project, I would have some spare mould making stuff left over. I decided to rework my 40mm ottoman style infantry masters, adding three new poses and with smaller bases to save on metal
  • A new pose with the musket held more vertically
  • Original advancing figure gets a new head and musket
  • Another advancing pose with musket held across chest
  • Firing pose.
these should give me enough variety with a few conversions to rework the Begovian army infantry
The mould kits arrived today, masters will be double checked for snags before making the moulds.


  1. I say, these really look the part,well done!

  2. Brilliant as usual! Have you considered doing a mounted model of these figures?

    1. At the moment a mounted version isn't needed. At a push I could cast & convert some other figures