Saturday, 4 January 2020

Wittenberg Army refurbishment ...

With the Monrovian army refurbishment done I thought it time that the Wittenberg army deserved a bit of a tidy up and t.l.c. ; a rework of command stands and basing initially - maybe replacing some of the cavalry. As the Wittenberg army is based on that of Saxony; I have been doing some reading.
I've had the Summerfield Book for a while, but bought the Helion books recently for extra info. Also will refer to SYW Project website as well. Overall, there are 15 infantry units and 11 cavalry units to be worked on. The new figures for the infantry (~40 command figs from various sources) and new horses for two units of the cavalry have been obtained. I'm about halfway through the refurbishment at the moment. A couple of completed units .....

LeibGrenadier Garde

Prinz Xaver
The Uhlans


  1. Beautiful! Impossible to go wrong with Saxon troops for inspiration. I've always thought the reds, though, looked more Crimson than red. Possibly time to add a few such units myself. The militia and kreis units in the Summerfield book are, while plain by comparison, interesting, and I've long meant to add a smaller generic unit to my own forces.

    Best Regards and Happy New Year,


  2. Most interesting reading and lovely figures.

  3. Bravo on a very nice collection which looks like it will improve in appearance as you complete your tidying up activities. Isn't it nice to have the time to do this kind of artistic work on our toys?

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