Friday, 21 June 2019

40mm Sculpt: Hussar...

Over the last couple of weeks I've been looking at my mid-18C 40mm sculpts, I felt I wanted to do some more work on them. To get me started I thought I ought to have a go at a hussar. I did some work on the hussar style horse I had already done to tidy a few fluffs, then got the basic hussar dolly done and ensure it fitted onto the horse. I also decided to do a dismounted hussar as well. I finished the sculpts this morning - there are a few fluffs to fix before they go into moulds.  The mounted chap...
and his dismounted counterpart ...
I enjoyed working on these sculpts, most of the cavalry I had done previously was alright but the Uhlan was not correct, I'd rushed it a bit and fudged a few things - so I'll rework that one next.


  1. That's great, having a mounted and dismounted version!

    Love it

  2. Fabulous looking figures.