Sunday, 26 November 2017

40mm: Something a little different ....

For opposition for the Wittenberg 40mm army I decided on something different - something in an Ottoman style

Already cast are two units of my janissary figures (with conversions for officers)
in progress are some artillery crew converted from my TYW man standing/walking castings
Also I've been sculpting some figure masters to provide cavalry and infantry

A horse variant and a generic style spahi
 infantry - two marching and one advancing

I will be making moulds next, the first three will have these new sculpts in.


  1. Wonderful work,can't wait to see them painted and marching in Wittenburg!

  2. Allan, there is a lot of wargaming fun in having an Ottoman army, I'm planning to field my Ottomans against my Muscovites soon. You can never have enough Ottomans, and every colour of uniform, or no uniform at all. Look forward to seeing them painted and ready. But don't expect 18th century European norms of civility!