Thursday, 12 October 2017

Sculpt and Cast - 28mm seated figures

I wanted some extra figures to put in my row boats to represent other armies troops; decided to have a go at sculpting some, which came out reasonably well. The masters...

I  made up a mould and cast up about 15 of each figure, enough for my immediate needs. Some sample castings
the mould works fine each time but the castings are beset by 'bubbles' and take a while to clean up.  All-in-all some useful basic sitting figures. Have used up my supply of metal so I will have to accumulate some more before the next major phase in mould making and casting.


  1. Not bad! I like them, especially the sitting grenadier. What will you use them for?

    Best Regards,


    1. the sitting figures will be used in my large rowing boats - as part of the Monrovia/Fenwick border wars

  2. Allan, they remind me of a genuine 18th century toy rowboat Ive seen, with seated British marines in mitre hats. I think they will paint up great. I do find the climate can reduce the casting success and my moulds need occasional dusting in French talc. I'm pleased to say my hussars in mirlitons have a high level of success but then they have separate head and sword arm.