Wednesday, 20 September 2017

40mm - Trial casts from new mould..

Finally got the next 18C mould done,  the contents were
-weapons (sabre, straight sword, pistol, 17C musket and 18C musket)
-march attack musketeer
-alternate grenadier & fusilier heads.

Initial casts weren't too good, but the addition of some air vents solved the problems, some trial casts
the heads don't come out with full detail every time; will do some more and see how it goes - overall I'm pleased with the results.


  1. Lovely work as usual. Do you realize how much envy you create every time you exhibit your modeling prowess? Well done, indeed!

  2. Will any of your newly raised figures combine say four companies of hatmen with one company of grenadiers?

    1. regiments will have 4 hat companies with the grenadiers hived off into a converged battalion (thats the current plan)

  3. Excellent work Allan, but perhaps the mould wasn't fully warmed up, or try a scalpel-cut vent to encourage the air to escape? They sometimes work for me.

    1. I've had better results with warmer moulds, also will probably add additional air vents when I have a mother casting session.

  4. Would you be willing to sell some of the weapons you've cast? I need them for conversions and my "skill" at sculpting is...poor to non-existent. I am also looking for 40mm pandours, if you know of any molds for sale. Excellent blog,BTW. It is always inspirational to me.

    1. My weapons mould has some faults and casting is a bit hit and miss, plus the weapons need work after casting to tidy them up - I do not want to sell items that are not of reasonable quality.

      For 40mm weapons etc - it may best to buy some, consider the following

      For swords & sabres you can use the ones made by Front Rank (
      EQ25 Swords (x8) £3.25 (incl. VAT)
      EQ26 Sabres (x8) £3.25 (incl. VAT)

      They also do some pistols which are bit small but potentially usable, the musket could be used as a carbine

      Irregular Miniatures 42mm range has some useful items (

      LWSY25 Pandour Infantry advancing £1.50

      Also from their accessories range
      LWA 22 6 x Muskets

      hope the above info has been useful



    2. I'll check them out, but as I am using Prince August semi-flats, I am not sure how well they will look. Maybe a lot of filing will work. Thanks.