Wednesday 19 April 2017

Peace with Saxe-Jarlsberg...

The King of Wittenberg meets the Herzog of Saxe-Jarlsberg at a country house near Marianstadt in the Hoflandt.
 Here they will sign a peace accord, wherein Saxe-Jarlsberg recognises the Hoflandt as a sovereign part of the Kingdom of Wittenberg. In return their merchants will re-gain trading priviliges in Vanderhof and the trade routes through to Saxe-Jarlsber will re-open. In addition the two countries agree to work together to meet the rising threat of Begovia from the south.

General Waldbeck commander of troops in the Hoflandt is to become the Governor of the province of Zinzendorf which borders part of Begovia; troop re-deployments are pending ....

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