Saturday 11 March 2017

28mm Rowing Boats for the River Oudear (WIP)

I've been planning some improvements to boats etc for use in games. I decided to make up a small rowing boat and I wanted a larger boat for transporting troops for small raids etc. 

To start with I bought a Britannia Miniatures royal navy landing boat with crew (code BRW4); this gave me 10 rowers and some seated figures - these are napoleonic naval figures so they need some conversion.

I made up the small rowing boat first, by making an insert to fit into one of the boats I made for my 17C bridge of boats.  The insert is just smaller than the base of the boat and the seats are made using
foamboard strips with Daler mounting board on top
The Britannia Miniatures were modified: the marines had their heads swapped to ones with tricornes and the rest had their hats removed and altered to be bareheaded. I altered the tiller man to have a tricorne as well.  In addition I made up two officers by converting two cart driver figures from Colonel Bills.

The small row boat ...
the resin landing boat from Britannia with the rest of the figures ....
to allow for better use in games, I made a deck insert for the resin boat
this will allow the use of 4 rowers and a tillerman,  with figures standing on the planked deck (saves me having lots of sets of seated figures).

now what about transport and landing barges ? hmm ... more work for the shipyards 😀