Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A busy day for the King ....

The King had been working all morning to get through a backlog of paperwork; he had a light lunch and then continued on, he had nearly finished ( a clerk had already taken away the bulk of it), a few things remained.... he looked at the view out of the window for a while before continuing...

- authorisation for a new sun-dial for the palace gardens - signed
- authorisation of new boats for the river marines - signed
- new uniform for the river marines, he looked at the watercolour supplied
he scribbled some notes on the bottom of it (add collar, black buttons on gaiters...);  he signed the authorisation papers with a condition - make some minor amendments as per the notes on the watercolour.
- authorisation for special cold frames for growing pineapples - signed
- merchants request for an increase in trading tariffs on the River Oudear - rejected, added note - arrange meeting with representatives of merchants for discussions.

There was a knock on the door,  the King put down his quill pen and tidied up his desk; then he sat back and said 'enter', it was Count Hermann and one of his assistants.
Count Herman: Sire, an ambassador from Saxe-Jarlsberg has just arrived, he has with him a written peace offer from the Herzog and has requested a meeting with you...
King Leopold:  Tell the ambassador I will meet with him in one hour to receive his proposal.. ...


  1. His Highness has a fine collection of books ! , Tony

  2. I await developments with interest,as ever.

  3. I always enjoy the threads that feature the rooms of the palace. How about an update on the orangery?

    1. I have been building up some bits for the palace gardens, have pots for the orangery - working on the best way to do the orange trees

  4. As the best wargaming scenarios result from what would be considered disasters in the real world, I sincerely hope the meeting with the Ambassador degenerates into acrimony, threats, and insults.

    Bonus points for derisive comments regarding the King's/Herzog's respective mothers.