Friday, 1 July 2016

Saxon Army Uniform Reference 1730's

If you want information on the army of Saxony in the early 1730's then this book is the business ...
Book Info: Die Armee Augusts des Starken (the Army of Augustus the Strong), by Reinhold Muller, ISBN 30327-00229-0. (size 22.5cm x 20cm, ~115 pages).

The book covers all the units and organization of the army. There is an illustration of the uniform of each unit. Although written in german you can find the info you need reasonably well. A quick peek at the content (not the full illustration).. infantry regiment Sachsen-Weimar

I got the book yesterday and have been avidly perusing it; with the infantry and cavalry in red coats they could be just right for my project to re-build the army of the Duchy of Fenwick (the friendly next door neighbours to Wittenberg).


  1. I got it years ago and it is indeed an inspiration. Really like the bagpiper and the Turkish Guard.

    1. The bagpiper is so unusual, I've got it on my specials list for 40mm - maybe add it to the Friekorps band. The Turkish guard also have me thinking of sculpting and casting a battalion to join my 40mm Friekorps (better finish the 17C chaps first though..)

  2. Just ordered a copy from Amazon...£5 including postage from Germany.