Wednesday, 22 June 2016

New table surface (4)... getting near the end ...

I have managed to get the table surface done, the underlay and the surface cloth were stretched over the frame and secured with upholstery tacks. The backscenes arrived in the post today so I have made good progress....

Backscenes (from Guagemaster), laid out so I could decide what goes where
 Fixing the backscene boards, they have some small screws to fix the boards into the correct position and then a piece of wood to hold them tight to the table frame and provide extra strength ( the backscene boards were re-used from the old table and are veterans having been used on at least two model railway layouts as well)
just have to get the rear backscenes stuck on then the table will be ready for action again (hoorah ! :) )


  1. Huzzah Allan!,
    I am happy and excited for you.
    My background was used on my model R/R layout too.
    Bill P.