Saturday, 12 March 2016

Scenics: Table Risers and Harbour Quay sections ...

I've have just finished doing some major work on my table riser sections to make them more useable; plus making some harbour quay sections.

Table Riser Sections

I made a set of 1 inch thick risers with coastal sections a few years ago when I was building my pirate collection - these however didn't have standard sizes that matched the hill sections I made later [ bad planning there :) ]. So a lot of cutting, sawing, gluing has been done to reduce sections to compatible widths and depths (in multiples of 6inches); additionally I cut the coastal beach sections off so they were separate.

Blue cloth on the table and a trial layout of coast with my harbour section (coastal beach sections unfinished)
Now with table riser sections sizes that work with my hill sections I can use them together to make inset rivers
For the coastal sections I folded over the fabric I use for the covering and filled in the gaps with some foamboard to represent 'low' sandy cliffs. After painting and touch-in they came up nicely
 some idea of the scale of the beach and 'low' cliff (28mm figs)
Where did we leave the picnic basket ?

Harbour sections

I acquired a load of PlayMobil castle sections off Ebay last year, having put aside the parts I wanted I was left with loads of spare joiner sections which looked useful so I put them in a box for use laterOnce I finished the riser sections I decided to use them to make some harbour quay sections. After a bit of fiddling I found a combination of that made a up the basis of a quay section.
After making all the sections, I covered the tops and ends as needed with thin cardboard; after that I made a couple of wooden jetties from plastic and cardboard and hibachi skewers
the underside of the jetties before painting ...
To finish off the quay sections I covered the sides with  stone effect paper and the tops with Metcalfe 00/HO cobble sheet. A trial layout with some buildings ....


  1. Absolutely brilliant... love the last picture.

  2. Inspirational modelling as ever!

  3. Excellent work, comes together well.

  4. Looks like the reworked terrain pieces will give you lots of flexibility. The harbor quays and docks look great, too. You have a way of creating some really nice pieces from all sorts of odds and ends and toys and such. The end results, like the last picture of the harbor, speak for themselves. Great work!

  5. Well done indeed - a most excellent Harbour.

  6. That's turned out very nicely, I really love the job on the harbour, who have though there was so much you could with a toy castle.