Thursday, 19 November 2015

Gatehouses and walls - work in progress

I've been beavering away working on refurbishing gatehouses and wall sections. 


Firstly I've tweaked my more 18C look gatehouse to add more timbering on the top section and provide it with a gate

My other gatehouse is nominally earlier in date but can do service for the 18C, however it is based on a toy and needed some work
ok from the front, but round the back ... the hanging turrets are more obvious
so made the following improvements
  • filled in the missing part of the turrets with cardboard
  • made a guard room either side at the bottom
  • added a new road surface
  • used some printed stone paper to cover up the cardboard
  • printed some images for windows and doors and applied them as needed
still a little work to do followed by using some grey washes to blend in the new sections


The wall sections I use are reasonable from the front, but the fudge up I did on the first build is apparent from the back
so I've added a back supporting wall to all the pieces using cardboard, still need to print and stick on the stone paper for them..
in addition I'm working on a breached section


  1. Impressive work on these useful items to make them even usefuller! The castle gate tower looks great!

  2. Great work..... I like the way you return to old items and continually improve them. Most commendable.

  3. Excellent Conversions- you have indeed a great imagination.

  4. Neat! Very neat, it's amazing what you can make out of an old kiddies toy.
    Best wishes, Brian

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