Thursday, 17 September 2015

Jewel of Mahadur: the mission

Mlle Givenchy and Count Herman Munster meet early one evening in the temple by the lake in the palace gardens
Count: I have a mission for you ..
Givenchy: Do tell ..
Count: Information has come into my possession that the Jewel of Mahadur, thought lost for two hundred years, is hidden somewhere in the ruined abbey of St Walpurga near Haberstadt in Upper Belgravia. Will you and the irregulars see if you can find it ?
Givenchy: Of course ..
Count: There may be a complication, my source also informs me that the Monrovians have hired the adventurer 'Gentleman Jim' to find the jewel; you may have some trouble.
Givenchy: I round up some of the girls and get to it right away....


  1. Hmmmm, that could become a little skirmish game . . . or if it were me, I would think of using "Pulp Alley" as two (or more) forces try to get to the jewel first (by achieving earlier "plot points".

    If unfamiliar with their rules, you can get a free taste here (i.e., how to play the game but not how to create your gangs). I am doubtful of how it might work solo though:

    -- Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff,

      I've had a play through with Pulp Alley. I'm working on some rules which are based on my skirmish set with modifications to add 'pulp' style features - using concepts form Pulp Alley and other sources.

      -- Allan

  2. An action story begins, full of dangers and uncertain incidents - again, because a lady lost some jewels??..
    Great scenery, Allan - I am so curious to know more!