Saturday, 3 January 2015

Stopover at Wornitz ....

continue from the previous post......

It had been a good couple of days ride through Wittenland province. He decided to break his journey at Wornitz. Crossing the bridge over the Kusten canal, he entered the town ...
Following a good nights rest at a local inn,  he went for a walk in the afternoon and made the acquaintance of a young lady and her aunt who were also travelling to Vanderhof ...
The next day, back in the saddle, he continued his journey on the road south accompanying the ladies in their coach...
 He still had a fair way to go - the province of Boldovia to cross, then into to Upper Belgravia and down to Vanderhof on the river Oudear.


  1. Spectacular eye-candy as usual!
    Happy New Year,

  2. A pleasant journey so far. Nice to see the old Citadel packhorse behind the coach there...quite rare nowadays I believe.

  3. Marvelous sceneries! So full of details and small parts. Absolutely wonderful!

  4. Ah,the adventures of a young man. Something to enjoy...Bill