Saturday 15 November 2014

40mm: Pandours for Wittenberg - WIP

I've decided to add a battalion of pandours to Witteneberg's Boritzy Freikorps; I'll be building the unit up from some Creartec homecasts and Irregular Miniatures pandour figure. The aim is to have lots of different pose figures, so conversions to do with green stuff etc.

I've finished doing the officers

and have 3 of the pandours done, original Irregular Miniatures on the left and a couple with simple change of pose.
I have another 21 pandours to work on, so will post pictures as things develop.


  1. Fantastic! Very eager to observe how the unit(s) develop.

    Best Regards,


  2. Such a great idea to change them not only by the heads, but also with green stuff - I never dared to. They look impressive - thanks for the fine inspiration!!

    1. I've been learning best ways to do conversions - I have done a small project on my English Civil War figures for a petard team, see posts

      I'm planning to do a more detailed post on this blog when I try some more complex Pandour conversions

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