Saturday 4 January 2014

Vignette work starts ....

Having enjoyed the marvellous vignettes shown on the Duchy of Stollen blog, I've decided to re-work my Wittenberg general staff into a group of small vignettes. First off is a Feldjager giving an update to an officer, I've re-used some existing painted figures except the Feldjager which is a modified Minden foot officer......

 Will be working on the rest of the staff vignettes over the next week or so. In addition I'm trying some ideas out for small vignettes to accompany each infantry regiment.

Other work planned for 18C,
- repaint of the fusilier battalion plus new cavalry regiment, guards regiment, grenadier battalion and line regiment
- revisit the engineers and pontoon support troops
- some replacement artillery

40mm: 4 battalions of infantry to paint plus some work on the cavalry.

Plus a few more civilians and maybe some new palace interiors.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

I like it! Very nice, and eager to see your new vignettes, command and battalion, take shape.

Best Regards,


Capt Bill said...

Nicely done, indeed!!!

Stryker said...

Very nice looking group!

Springinsfeld said...

Excellent work... they look great. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Comment leaving is available, the text isn't showing up on the red background, but hover about and it will appear! Do I need to change the red background (which I like) or can I change the text ?