Wednesday 9 October 2013

the Irregulars get some muskets..

Mlle Givenchy after a chat with Captain Scharfe has managed to obtain some muskets for her irregulars.

Conversions done using some spare plastic figure parts and a couple of Front Rank muskets - some painting to do though....
we'll see how they get on the next time they are on a 'mission'.


  1. The ladies have proved formidable enough in the past, the lady in red, a markswoman of note.
    A counter will have to be found,

  2. Rumours of a group of adventurous ladies known as La Compagni de la Rose are even now circulating amongst those who have reason to hire units of Wild Geese or even Wild swans.

  3. No doubt they can now challenge Milady de Winter (in)famous Black Legion!

  4. A splendid group - and they look as if mean business too. :-)

    I've not been able to post comments for some time and only recently discovered that it was a setting in Firefox that had somehow changed, which stopped me accepting cookies. I know I didn't change it! So please accept apologies for not commenting on your many enjoyable postings going back a long way...