Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pelardon: troops arriving at Moussignac ...

At Fausignac, the Monrovians have started work re-building the first parallel - they have extra troops in place protecting the sap and more in reserve...
Meanwhile at Moussignac to the north, where the Duke of Pelardon is mustering his army; some other contingents have been arriving; assistance in the form of Fenwick troops in the service of Zomverre and just arriving a small contingent from the Principality of Umathirmen led by the redoubtable Princess Michaela.
With these arrivals, the Duke of Pelardon  reckons another day will see sufficient troops being available to take the field against the Monrovian invaders.

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  1. A sweeping skirmish you show us - fascinating to follow. I can not say for which army my herat beats... both of them are cleverly operating, both in extraordinary uniforms, both with impressive leaders... So I will wait the development... Thank you for showing us that beautiful scenery!