Saturday 19 March 2011

40mm: Encounter at Toppenhof ...

Down in the Hoflandt - General Waldebeck and his troops blunder into the Saxe-Jarsberg interlopers near Toppenhof (an outing for my 40mm figs)
The Saxe-Jarlsberg troops under the command of Count Pottsendorf emerges into the open ground north of Toppenhof ...
only to find the Wittenberg troops under the command of General Waldebeck ...
As both sides start their deployment the Boritzy Freikorps grenadiers have some ground to make up to secure the right  flank
The battle lines are drawn up ...
The Saxe-Jarlsberg forces advance into close musket range and vollies are exchanged ...
A firefight ensues, both sides hold their ground resolutely but casulaties are beginning to mount ..
The Saxe-Jarlsberg centre battalion loses it's resolve and makes a run for it ...
Another Saxe-Jarlsberg battalion breaks, they are in full retreat now, however their grenadiers fall back in good order.

 A close run engagement - a win for Wittenberg !


  1. I love the smell of gun powder in the morning. Thanks...

  2. Very nicely done. Very much like "Charge" in appearance.

  3. Splendid encounter, looks terrific

  4. Fantastic!
    You have created something very special here.
    I am playing around with some Prince August moulds myself at the moment...thanks for the inspiration!

  5. A brisk and pleasing little encounter. Interesting how well the PA figures look across the table from the fully round ones.

    Who is the center battalion of the Wittenberg army? (hmm Have I asked this before?) They look like Creartec but I haven't seen hatmen. Head swaps perhaps?

    Anyway, a pleasure to peruse..

  6. Ross Mac

    the center battalion of the Wittenberg army are cast from Creartec prussian grenadier moulds but with heads from the creartec artillery figs.

    -- Allan

  7. It looks as though Saxe-Jarlsberg handed out a few licks of their own before their precipitate departure... a brisk and bloody little action.