Saturday 19 February 2011

Nothing like a run in the morning to clear the head ...

As the weather improves, the Field Marshall starts his morning runs again; he needs to run off all that winter flab and get fit for the new campaign season. He runs round the palace and then once round the lake in the gardens and back to his room for a soak in a nice warm bath.
'Come on Fritz hurry up' shouts the Field Marshall (his dog seems less than enthusiatic). As he runs he muses on the state of the army and the potential threats from Monrovia. He is wont to exclaim Hah !  or Hrumph ! or Bot ! and an incoherent sentence or two as he runs round depending on what he thinking about.

Meanwhile the Queen's pet cat Mi-mi indulges in her daily staring contest with Larry the llama,
Larry usually gives in and lets the cat ride around on his back for a while.