Saturday, 19 June 2010

40mm: Into the Hoflandt ..

The Saxe-Jarlsberg border wars continue ... (40mm units, including my completed Jager unit in action)

Wittenberg having annexed the small region of Braunlandt belonging to Hesse-Limburger giving them control of important trade routes into the Imperium has decided to assert control of the region of Hoflandt which was the ceded to them as part of the peace of Witzend at the end of the 3rd Belgravian Wars.  Holding the Hoflandt will give Wittenberg control of both sides of the river Oudear and enable them to control trade and provide a springboard to attack Monrovia from the south or to strike deeper into Saxe-Jarslberg.
Wittenberg troops led by the Kings Jager corps encounter some Saxe-Jarlsberg troops as they move into the Hoflandt. The Jagers engage the enemy as the main part of the force moves into position ...

Accurate fire from the Jagers cause problems for the Saxe-Jarslberg troops as they try to deploy ....
Captain Sharfe leads some men to try to turn the flank of the enemy ...

Saxe-Jarlsberg troops withdraw, seeing they are outnumbered ....


  1. Hello Allan,

    Ah! Nothing like the sight of your 40mm troops on the table to inspire and send one back to the painting desk. Wonderful figures and photographs there.

    Best Regards,


  2. You do have a knack for great photos, with scenery and appropriate minis and backdrops, and no evidence of non-gaming stuff, to bring the little fellows to life.

  3. A rousing little affair indeed!!!

  4. Nice (as always) to see your table top photos.

    -- Jeff