Sunday 23 May 2010

Picket Duty (3) - Deployed in the field ..

Hoorah ! finished painting something again. Below a shot of my picket duty figures. The mounted jager corps practice picket duty under the weatchful eye of their officer ....
A closer look at the original set of figures I started with, 3 mounted and 3 dismounted plus officer (mostly Front Rank, with officer from Foundry) ...
and a small late addition, 3 more single dismounted figures. Two are converted Perry plastic napoleonic french dragoons and the centre one a converted Jacdaw 30mm figure ...


  1. Your mounted jaegers have a nice uniform; sombre and very soldierly. They look like a very competent bunch.

    Good luck with your Perry conversions and your own to your new job. Visiting this site is pure pleasure for me.


  2. Nice and simply arranged little vignette. There are times when one must intersperse the great battles with 'der kleine krieg...'.