Saturday 15 November 2008

Monrovia - review of the 'Army of the East'

The Army of the East drawn up for review outside Freilingen, the capital of the province of Lower Belgravia.

King Francis of Monrovia rides forth, with his generals, to review the troops.

The general staff make last minute checks. The guard band plays some music to entertain the local notables and member of the court waiting in the review stand.

The start of the review is to be signalled by a gun salute from the massed batteries of the artillery..

The heavy cavalry, reiter regiments: Kurprinz and von Riemann

Leib Dragoner Nr1 - von Braun and Dragoon Regiment Nr 2 - von Stott

The Guard Grenadiers and converged Grenadier battalion von Grausen

Infantry Regiments: Nr 1 - von Stonken and Nr 2 - von Smellen

It seems someone else is taking an interest in proceedings, a Wittenberg officer with a small uhlan escort has hidden in some woods...

Infantry Regiments: Nr 3 - von Oders and Nr 4 - von Spatz

Fusilier Regiment - von Orloff, from the Principality of Munsterkase (an ally of Monrovia)

Last in the march past is Freikorps Schongren, comprising Jager Battalion von Zilder and the Sierpinsky Hussars.


  1. Delightful!

    The troops look fantastic on parade. I particularly enjoy your scenery, it makes everthing come alive.

    Congratualtions on fielding such a fine looking bunch.

    Von Sache-Chemnizt

  2. Fantastic panoply - I loved the Ulan scouts in the woods...

  3. Reich Duke Wilhelm admired your reviewing stand so much he has order his pioneers to construct one at the army's training compound near Blatberg. Thanks for the inspiration...

  4. Most enjoyable! I always love a parade. :-)
    The troops and the scenery are beautiful as always.

  5. Yes it is an impressive display (and good scenery as always) . . . and I too liked the touch of the uhlan spying on the review.

    -- Jeff

  6. What a delightful and impressive scene! You can almost hear the bands playing martial airs. I like the reviewing stand.