Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Whats in the bag ?

Count Hermann: What's in that red velvet bag you have there your majesty ?

King Leopold: The last of my fathers personal effects, this was found in a trunk in the west wing attic. In his later years he became mildly eccentric and took to creating all sorts of titles and chivalric orders, then bestowing them on various people; I expect the bag contains some he'd had made and not presented .

Count Hermann: Seems rather unusual, well best see what's in the bag.

The king undid the sealed fastening and layed out some scrolls and sundry items on the table.

King Leopold: What a strange mixture. Lets see, what do we have ..

The Randhivar of Kolecstan
The Bhaji of Bavindi
The Margravate of Mercury
The Potentate of Mars, and a crown to go with it.
The Order of the Elephant, but no insignia
The Order of St Wingwald and insignia.

Count Hermann: The crown is striking, looks like something from Persia. I think you better get that to the vault it looks rather valuable.

King Leopold: Yes you're right, better keep it safe till I get the court jeweller to value it. I'll get rid of the rest of it; I wonder who I can give the Order of St Wingwald to ?

Count Hermann: I'm sure Brother James would enjoy it ...


  1. Brother James is certainly a worthy candidate...

  2. LOL interesting bag of tricks...

  3. To go along with your Fiddlers Three?
    Now for slippers and pipe?

  4. Surely more of a story must be behind these items.

    Perhaps Brother James can find out who St. Wingwald was.

    -- Jeff