Saturday, 25 February 2012

Duchy of Fenwick - Wittenberg Legion complete

Two more battalions for the Duchy of Fenwick; these complete the Wittenberg legion, troops supplied by Fenwick as allies of Wittenberg..
A closer in short of the assembled troops....
Both battalions are JacDaw with mounted officers one Foundry, one Eureka (the sharp eyed amongst  you may recognise them from my Adventures in the Indies blog, they have different command stands to change them from English troops to Fenwick).

Thursday, 16 February 2012

What's a cooking ...

The main focus of my painting in the next few months will be to try and get the bulk of my 40mm project finished (still some casting to do from Prince August and Creartec moulds), the aim for each side is to have 6 battalions of infantry, 1 light battalion, 2 regiments of cavalry and 1 artillery battery. Current status:

6 battalions of infantry - 4 done,
1 light battalion - done,
2 regiments of cavalry - done,
1 artillery battery - done.

Saxe-Jarlsberg (an ally of Monrovia): 
6 battalions of infantry - 3 done,
1 light battalion - part done,
2 regiments of cavalry - 1 done,
1 artillery battery - done.

My 28mm collection has been reorganised slightly.  The Monrovian army has been tidied up, generals repainted, a couple of units re-flagged/swapped to bring them up to a strength of 9 regiments of cavalry; 12 infantry regiments; 2 light battalions and 3 artillery batteries.

The Wittenberg army has some additions planned: regiment of Cuirassiers, regiment of Dragoons and a light/jager battalion.

Also the palace facade may get a facelift, plus maybe some more interior rooms to make (banquetting hall perhaps - a bit of challenge that would be !)
Some much to do, so much fun to have ...

Saturday, 11 February 2012

40mm: Beware the Hook

There's a new outlaw operarting on the roads in the southern parts of the kingdom Wittenberg , known as 'the Hook'.

The Hook and his 'family' hold up a carriage ...
Hook and family are from the Irregular Miniatures 42mm pirates range; the range conatins some eminently generic figures and were so nice I bought them to add to my 40mm outlaw/militia/civilans.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Monrovian Generals..

I've been tidying up by Monrovian army (storage etc) and while I was at it I thought I would redo the command stands, I had a couple based already and added some static grass to them; the other two are newly based..

First off General Warfuren (on the right) with his aid...
next General Zeinite (on the left) and his aide ..
General Stricknein (hat raised) and his aide ...
and finally the new commander (freshly painted) of the army Field Marshal Count Malpurgo Belladona (waving his baton) with his aide ...
a closer look at Belladona.....