Monday, 29 September 2014

40mm: Replacement officers ...

Had to use the two mounted officers for the Boritzy Freikorps infantry to make up the numbers in the cavalry; so got the spares out and some extra Creartec figs cast recently to put together the replacements

Grenadier officer on left, chasseur officer on right.
Grenadier officer has a Front Rank head;  Chasseur officer has a busby from green stuff and holds a sword.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

40mm project: quick update

Work continues on the 40mm rework project; currently finishing off a converged grenadier battaltion for Wittenberg, just basing left to do.

I've also been looking at Wittenberg cavalry; have sorted out the organistion I want - two  9 fig squadrons + command per regiment.  The following are in the queue:
- Uhlans, add a couple of extra figures then sort out the basing
- Dragoons, rework a couple of figures, repaint and rebase
- A new squadron of kurassier (all casting done)
- Mounted Feldjager (3 off)

Also done a little modelling making up a kettle drummer for the dragoon regiment.

After the Wittenberg cavalry is done I'll start back on their Saxe-Jarslberg opponents.