Saturday, 11 July 2009

Difficult choices ...

King Leopold and Count Munster are discussing various matters ...

King: I've had the Potentate of Mars crown valued by the court jewellers, all the gems are fake but it does look good doesn't it ?

Count: Yes it does, what are you going to do with it ?

King: I'll put it on display in the library.

Count: We must discuss what to do with Major von Lessing
King: Is what we discussed really necessary, such a nice fellow.
Count: He's done too much. Remember all the things he has done. It was he who released Larry the llama into the palace - he was trying to find out who was visiting when the Duke of Fenwick was visiting incognito; then he was involved in providing info and gunpowder to the man who blew up the magazine at Heidelheim; finally he orchestrated the non-admittance to Wittenberg of the Reich Duke of Beerstein. He has also been supplying intelligence to Monrovia,.
King: How did he get so far into the mire ?
Count: Seems like he had run up large gambling debts and the Monrovians offered to pay them in return for information and 'favours'.
The king sat down at his desk and reached for his folder of papers. He hesitated for a moment then signed the first paper. Then after a pause he signed a second paper. He handed them both to the Count saying..
King: Here his the execution order for Major von Lessing; the other one is a pension for his wife - she is the Queen's cousin, I will not have suffering for her husbands indisgression.
Count: Very well your majesty. May I exercise my option ?
King: Yes you may. Have we captured the guards on the gate at the time of the arrival of the Reich Duke of Beerstein ?
Count: Yes, we have them in custody. They had spent all the money they had been paid.
King: The punishment for them will be 50 lashes each and to be sent to join the garrison regiment at Heidelheim.
The next day, early in the morning; Major von Lessing has a final word with his confessor before the firing squad carry out their duty ...

Afterwards in a small hunting lodge north of the city of Wttenberg. Count Munster is sitting next to the bloodied body of von Lessing ...
Count Munster: Wake up Lessing ! giving him a shake
von Lessing: Ooh my head, I ache. That concoction was powerful. The pigs blood sachets when they burst have ruined my clothes.
Count: The drug will wear off soon. Remember, you work for me now. Any transgressions and the next firing squad will be for real, do you understand ?
von Lessing: Yes Count.
Count: We'll get you cleaned up and discuss your first mission. I have a job for you in Stagonia ....


  1. Great plot twist and the photos really are worth a thousand words. I wonder what mission the Count wants the highly motivated Major to achieve in Stagonia?!

  2. Well done again.
    Next thing will be for the Nidle brothers, Beau, Digby and Tother one to admit stealing the jewels and rushing off to join the Stagonian Legion Etrangere

  3. Although the Kingdom of Wittenberg is becoming mired in intrigue, the Grand Tour will be heading there nest. Everyone simply must see the new palace and Larry the LLama.

  4. Anything that he does to the vile Stagonians can only improve them . . . hopefully into mass graves.

    -- general Saxe-Bearstein sentiment

  5. Wow, a plot worthy of Milady de Winter. I'm sure that she would extend her compliments to you were she aware of it.

  6. Excellent pictures, as usual, especially the firing squad pic! I didn't expect that ending...

  7. Ah, the Grand Tour is definitely becoming a most memorable experience for young King Basil ... I wonder what he will learn from it?