Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pamphleteers ....

Scene: King Leopold and Count Herman Munster are in the library discussing the latest pamphlets circulating in the capital ...

Count:That dratted Jacob Braun who lampoons your majesty and the court has received a Stylish Pampleteer award. 

King :I thought the last one 'The King loves llamas' was most amusing; his series 'Liasons Secretes dans Le Palais' was most entertaining

Count: In his latest pamphlet 'Is Munster a Monster ?' he acknowledges his nomination from Johaness Winkleman (and others), Winkleman is the the author of the popular pamplet series 'Journals of a Gigolo'.

King: You sound a little peeved Count, do you find that pamplet about you a little irritating.

Count: Yes rather. In the pamplet he has made seven statements about himself

King: What are they ?

Count: He writes :
- I have wooden false teeth
- I married a lady of distinction
- My favouriate colour is indigo
- I am a follower of the great preacher reverend Wilhelm Teller
- In my youth I sang in the cathedral choir at Salzburg
- I hold a doctorate in metaphysics, obtained while studying at Gottingen
- I have large collection of quill pens

King: That information could be useful to you, you may be able identify him and arrest him

Count: I doubt some of it is true, good idea though. He's also nominated some others for the Stylish Pampleteer award

King: Which ones are they - might have to get copies of them for a read if they sound interesting

- Famagusta Fraternitas - Andre Michel, I've read it - it's a load of philosophical twaddle
- Down with Powdered Wigs - Baron von Haarigerkopf
- Freedom for Pigs - Lady Veronica Swinehoe
- The ..

A messenger arrives, interrupting the Count ...

Messenger: My pardon your majesty a message from the Field Marshal, Monrovia has invaded Zomverre

King: I say !

Count: Not expected at all, our intelligence implied they were to move against us

King: Count, we best go down to see the Field Marshal in the map room to discuss the situation

Saturday, 21 May 2011

More buildings and a cross

The last (?) of my new buildings for my 40mm gaming

I decided I wanted a cross for my village, I had a browse through Ancient Stone Crosses of England by Alfred Rimmer for some inspiration. I scratch bulit one from cardboard, the shaft is made from part of the casing from a BIC biro.
The finished cross wih the three more completed buildings from TSS.
Count Boritzy and his Uhlans on the move

I've a hankering to add some more builidngs, perhaps something a little different. At the moment I would like to have something like the market cross at Wymondham in Norfolk.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

40mm: Brigands raid Apfelstrudel

My 40mm figs come out for a stroll ...

A convoy of ammunition and supplies is on its way to troops in the newly acquired Principality of Zinzendorf in the south (which is now part of the Kingdom of Wittenberg). The convoy plans to stop at the town of Apfelstrudel for a rest and to have some lunch. An escort has been provided for the convoy to deter brigands. However the brigands numbers have been swelled recently by disaffected members of the the population of the Braunlandt recently annexed from Saxe-Jarslberg; they have got wind of the convoy's movements and plan to attack it.

A meal is being prepared at the tavern in the town of Apfelstrudel for the convoy ...
The Jagers at the head of the convoy move into the town ....
The brigands are on the move ....
A convoy flank guard of more jagers has got lost and finally finds the town,
The convoy arrives in the town ..
The brigands cross the shallow river on the edge of the town ...
The convoy settles into the town and prepares to have their lunch ...
The brigands have crossed the river and move into the outskirts of the town, they are spotted by the jagers ..
As the fighting intensifies some of the regulars guarding the convoy move up to support the jagers ....
There is consternation in the town, the officer in charge of the convoy orders them to make ready to leave immediately ...
Fighting intensifies around the coach house...
The brigands capture the coach house, the convoy has already moved off while the jagers and the regulars hold off the brigands
The convoy is now hurrying its way back down the road they came along ...
The brigands rampage around the town ...
The convoy crosses the bridge, a mounted jager patrol assists with the withdrawal ...
The brigands find a nice lunch laid out, to the victor the spoils !

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Buildings: Stable and Grain Store ..

A couple of new buildings finished, these are stable and grain store (from TSS), they go well with my 40mm figures (three more buildings left to complete).

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New Roofs for Old ...

I've been sorting out my larger buildings that I use with my 40mm figs.  The existing buildings have had new bases if needed and a touchin. I have bought some new buildings from Total System Scenic, which I have assembled and these will be painted up later. Looking at my church and barn, the roofs lacked some detail - they are made from cardboard and covered with 'tiled' paper sheets, piccy below showing barn and church.
I cut up some thick card to represent tiles and spent some time sticking them on one at a time. I thought it would be a tedious job, but it got to be fun as it was like doing a jigsaw puzzle in some ways (or perhaps it was the fumes from the glue ?). After all was stuck on a wash of dark red and a bit of dry brushing yielded the results I wanted - so now with new roofs ....

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

So I'm supposed to do four tasks:
    1.Thank the nominating blog and provide a link back  (see below)
    2.Share seven things about myself, presumably beyond the realm normally covered by the blog (see below)   
    3.Nominate more blogs you deem worthy to share your honor (see below)
    4.Let those bloggers know you nominated them (all done) 

Thanks to the following for nominating me,
  • For Kingdom Of Wittenberg
                Ross Macfarlane - Battle Game of the Month -
                Mosstrooper - Tin Soldiering On -
  • For Nothelm Chronicle
               Mancave - The Man Cave -

Now for seven things about myself  (somewhat daft in content but hey why not) :
1. I don't have pineapples for breakfast
2. I wear size 13 shoes
3. I've never met or seen Michael Ellis in a department store
4. I don't like lupins
5. My star sign is Derry and Toms
6. I don't wear a false beard
7. My favourite comedy crew - Monty Python.

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