Saturday, 29 October 2011


A selection of Monks for my Abbey church and elsewhere (mix of Redoubt and Gripping Beast)..
Hey, hey, we're the monk-ies
And people say we wander around,
But we're too busy praying
To put anybody down.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

40mm: Howitzer

Troops from the newly inherited province of Zinzendorf have been assigned to join General Waldebeck's army in the south. The first to arrive is a company of artillery and a howitzer.

Uniform is not historical, I liked the colour combo of yellow ochre, red with black facings. Howitzer is from the Matthias Manke Toy Soldier range with wheels replaced with Lego plastic ones, crew is Sash & Sabre with Front Rank heads.

Wagon - Converted Toy Brewers Dray

I was given one of these (but in red), a Matchbox Brewrs Dray. More 1/76 size (20/25mm) but still has potential for conversion.
I removed the barrel load and sign, lowered the seat; gave the driver a tricorne head and repainted. Added a load to represent something covered over (masking tape wrapped round part of the barrel load).

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Oh no - musn't get sidetracked ?

Don't start too many projects I say to myself frequently. So in true fashion ignoring my own advice I started up looking at a new wargame period - Romans V Celts/Gauls
- see

Which is also listed on the my other wargames blog roll.