Sunday, 30 May 2010

Waggons Ho !

A couple of extra wagons to add to my collection. Mounted jagers escort a small supply train ...

[Wagons are from the Dixon 'old west' range; pulled by teams of Dixon mules].

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Picket Duty (3) - Deployed in the field ..

Hoorah ! finished painting something again. Below a shot of my picket duty figures. The mounted jager corps practice picket duty under the weatchful eye of their officer ....
A closer look at the original set of figures I started with, 3 mounted and 3 dismounted plus officer (mostly Front Rank, with officer from Foundry) ...
and a small late addition, 3 more single dismounted figures. Two are converted Perry plastic napoleonic french dragoons and the centre one a converted Jacdaw 30mm figure ...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Real World Intrudes and Dragoon Conversions

Clerks in the Kings Office relax after a busy week.

I've lost my painting mojo recently; main reason having been made redundant and looking for new work. I got a job offer a couple of weeks ago and in the last few days have been spent sorting out all the paperwork and forms for my new job, which is scheduled to start in a couple of weeks time. So I'm feeling much better now and can get more time and mental focus to apply to my hobby.

I took today off as holliday from my current job to relax and unwind. Just to get me back into things I decided to have a go at converting some Perry napoleonic french dismounted dragoons, using a two figure sample sprue. The idea was to check the feasibility of the mods with a view to applying the same conversion tweeks to mounted Perry dragoons/cuirassiers in the future.

I cleaned up the torsos and and trial fitted the arms and swords. Next I selected a couple of spare metal tricorne heads from my spares box. Conversion sequence was:
  • glue torso to base
  • add longer waistcoat to front
  • accentuate cuffs on arms
  • fix arms and fill gaps
  • fix swords
  • extend rear of coat to give longer tail/turnbacks
  • fix on head
Here is the first pass conversions on the two figures

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Picket Duty(2) - work in progress

Things are slowly taking shape with my picket duty figure set. This small unit wears the unform of the Saxony army mounted jagers; they will be attached to one of the Wittenberg army corps for scouting and picket duties. More painting to do to finish the figures then add them to their bases and do the finishing off.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

blog tinkering ...

I've amended by Welcome text on the left hand side and below it added a little featurette - what the King of Wittenberg (ie me,  'Its good to be the King !')  is currently or has just finsihed reading.

The old online diary archive has been moved to the associated web pages link list.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Monvrovians V Zomverre - Battle of Zettenwell

A chance to play a game with my recently finished units, scenario based on Sittangbad from Charge! ...

The Monrovians have invaded the Duchy of Zomverre (see initial dispositions) and taken the border town of Zettenwell. The Ducal army, which includes some troops on hire from the Duchy of Fenwick, is commanded by General Friedrich von Messing. The Ducal forces make their presence felt by moving towards the village of Frostenberg which is held by Monrovian jagers..

The Monrovian commander decides fight a holding action, to give time for his engineers to fortify the town of Zettenwell. The Ducal forces build up continues ...
Battle is joined, the Ducal cavalry try and clear a way through whilst their jagers attack Frostenberg with support from the infantry..
The uhlans breakthrough and chase the Monrovian hussars, the heavy cavalry are still locked in combat; meanwhile the Monrovians have been pushed out of Frostenberg.
The uhlans continue their pursuit and run into some Monrovian infantry ... .
The uhlans retire back to safety, while heavy cavalry on both sides break off to regroup. The Monrovian infantry start the withdrawal back to the town of Zettenwell ..
In the town a company of engineers, with support from half a regiment of infantry, have been rejuvenating the towns old defences ...
The Monrovian use their cavalry to delay the Ducal forces while their infantry enter the town and take their places in the defences ...
The Monrovian cavalry break, their infantry is ready to defend the town ..
Under heavy artillery fire, facing an imminent assault and the sight of their cavalry routing is too much for the newly raised Monrovian regiment they lose their nreve and run  ... (the worst dice throw at the wrong time and their morale check failed, followed by 3 successive failures to rally - what a run of bad luck; the other regiment of infantry and the jagers got consistently high dice scores!).
General Von Messing commanding the Ducal forces wastes no time in preparations and orders an immediate assault; the Monrovian jagers try and fill the gap in the defences ....
The assault of the Ducal forces is stalling, but their jagers have crossed the defences ....
The Monrovians jagers can no longer hold back the assaulting troops back and they fall back allowing the Ducal forces to get a foothold ...
The Ducal forces enter the town and start to spreadout ...
The Monrovians are in full retreat, running as fast as they can ....