Saturday, 27 November 2010

40mm - Heads Up

After much fiddling about I've finally finished getting ready another batallion for my 40mm project. The bulk of the figures are cast from Creartec moulds of prussian grenadiers, these have had their heads removed and replaced with some from Sash & Sabre. To finish off I bought 2 standard bearers, an officer and a drummer from Front Rank AWI Hessian range and gave them the same Sash & Sabre heads as the rest.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Prinz Albrecht Kurassier on Parade ....

At the palace the King and the Field Marshal ride out to inspect the Prinz Albrecht Kurassier regiment (figs are from Front Rank)


Meanwhile in the south General Waldebeck
is on the move with his staff and small escort of Uhlans ...

I 've replaced my 40mm personality figure of General Waldebeck with a nice one from Drabant; he now wears a nice new coat and rides the horse presented to him by the King for his services during the 3rd Belgravian wars.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cavalry - Work In Progress

Kurassiers, from Front Rank, get one step closer the horsies finished - riders nearly there, hat lace and swords etc todo plus belts.
For my 40mm collection, I've finished casting a hussar regiment form N├╝rnberger Meisterzinn moulds, plenty of painting todo as my lead mountain starts building up again.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Raid on Hottenweldt

Looming out of the early morning mist the fort commander spots the Wittenberg raiding force; the River Marines in their boats towing barges full of  Grenadiers. The fort fires their cannon to little effect as the daywatch has not arrived and they are shorthanded ...
The Grenadiers land and make their way to the rear of the fort, while the fort's day watch rush through the main gate.
The River Marines reach the wharfs and start to disembark ....
Hearing the sound of  cannon fire from the fort the town militia turn out and send a group of men to protect the warehouses...
The Grenadiers move to attack the fort entrance .....
The militia deploy while their commanding officer remonstrates with the garrison commander for not moving his regiment forward (he has strict orders to protect the town) ...
The River Marines work their way along the wharf, as the militia sets up a barricade to defend the warehouses
The grenadiers break through into the fort .....
the River Marines attack the militia defending the warehouses
The main body of the militia hold their ground; the River Marines have beaten back those defending the warehouses and prepare to set fire to the buildings. The raiders seeing the town garrison regular troops in the distance make a decision to withdraw
The River Marines cover the embarkation of the troops onto the boats while the buildings at the wharfside are ablaze .....
The rading forces leave, using their boats and some commandeered from the wharfside

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Hottenweldt in Hesse-Limberger ...

Its early in the morning at Hottenweldt, a view of the wharfs from the fort ....
A cart makes it's way down to the wharehouses from the town ...
There's a little bit of activity by the warehouses as some items are loaded into a boat ...
The day watch wend their way slowly up to the fort for another day on duty ....

Will they have a peaceful day ??

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Wittenberg: Some news and a conference ...

The King meets with Count Hermann on his way to the map room for a conference with the Field Marshal about the border wars in the south....

Count Hermann: Sad news your majesty, your elderly cousin Ludwig of Zinzendorf has passed away.
King: That is very sad news, I only received a letter from him last month 
Count Hermann: Did you know that as he died without issue you inherit his title and lands
King: Really ?
Count Hermann: Yes. I have received assurances from the ambassador of the Imperium that they will not oppose the inheritance.
King: We'll have a look at the maps to see where the Principality Zinzendorf is when we see the Field Marshal. 

The King, Count Hermann and the Field Marshal meet in the map room ...

Field Marshal: here is map of the area around the Kingdom of Wittenberg, you can see that Zinzendorf is in the south west.

King: Inheriting Zinzendorf means we will control more access to the trade on the river Oudear.
Count Hermann: Yes indeed. It will make a good addition to our lands, adding to the recently 'acquired' Braunlandt and Hoflandt.
King: I am most annoyed with Hesse-Limberger's disruption of trade on the river Oudear, they have been raising tariffs and impounding goods destined for Wittenberg.
Field Marshal: here is a map showing more detail of the southern border region. ..
Field Marshal: I suggest an attack on the main Hesse-Limberger trading town of Hottenweldt - we can send the river marines on boats from Vanderhof with additional support - landing by the wharf's, destroying the facilities plus stored goods and if we have time attack the town itself.
King: Excellent idea, make the necessary arangements; that will send a clear message to them.


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Down South in Hesse-Limberger

The little fort is completed (iwth ramp) and in position for a couple of piccies ...


South of Wittenberg, further down the river Oudear in Hesse- Limberger, the officer in charge of a fort keeps a close eye on the boats moving up and down the river.

Where is Hesse-Limberger ? its south of Saxe-Jarslberg, south of ... hmmm better get a map of the southern border region updated !

Saturday, 6 November 2010

A little fort ...

The Kurassiers langiush unfinsihed on my workbench while I build a small fort. I found an offcut of 3mm MDF board which had an interesting sort of hexagonal shape - might be able to make us it as a base to a small fort I thought; so I evened up the shape to make it symmetrical. - this got me going and I carried on constructing the fort uising cardboard and foamboard.
A closer view of the fort after the initial build. It is currently manned by my unpainted Jagers (conversions of varaious figures - another unit waiting for paint)
The King is sitting at his desk in the libray, enjoying the view of the palace grounds while he considers the progress of the border wars in the south against Saxe-Jarlsberg and Hesse-Limberger.