Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wittenberg river marines

The uniform of the Wittenberg river marines...

The marines are in the process of mustering and their patrol boats are being built. The boats will be like a sloop, and will be equipped with a some small cannon on naval gun carriages or as swivel guns.

The marines will patrol the river Oudear, keeping an eye out for smugglers and for Monrovian and Saxe-Jarlsberg military activities.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mortars and Wagons

I've slowly been working my way through the goodies I bought from Reiver Castings. I've got the pontoon bridge, pontoon wagon and a copule of guns to paint yet; but have finished the mortars and baggage wagons. I made removable loads for the wagons, so they can be used for raid scenarios where you start with empty wagons.

Two Reiver AP4 10 inch siege mortars

I modified the front of the wagon to provide a seat for the driver,
Driver Front Rank; Reiver AP16 Tumbrel wagon with four horses

Driver Front Rank; Reiver AP17 Baggage wagon with four horses

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Grand Designs (7) - Palace Diorama

Its late in the afternoon and the King and Queen are returning to the Palace after the building works have been completed. The King can see his foot guards on parade as the coach approaches the palace.

The sentries from the Garde Suisse stand to attention as the coach approaches ...

The coach draws up in front of the palace; the King and Queen stand back to admire the new portico ..
Count Hermann Munster (who had been supervising the building works), welcomes the king back ..

Some of the court are having a late afternoon walk in the gardens ...

A closeup of the golden cherub fountain (I wonder where the water comes out from when it is operational ?) ..

Materials used:
1. 6ft by 9 inch board, with backscene board using 3mm MDF.
2. Backscene sky - model railroad sky backscene paper sheets.
3. Backscene garden - adapted from photos of Stourhead gardens and printed on 120g paper.
4. Grass - grass sheet from Dolls House hobby supplier.
5. Paths and Gravel areas - medium grade sand paper.
6. Low relief buildings - constructed from foam board and cardboard.
7. Columns for portico - 5" greek column cake stands
8. 'Roof scape' - adapted from photos of Stourhead house and printed on 120g paper.
9. Garden urns and fountain - smaller Dolls House garden accessories.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Buildings for a Town ?

I bougth some nice buildings at a Model Railway exhibition today, I originally got them to use for my WWII tank gaming, but I think they look good enough to be used for 18C as well. They are all HO scale kits already assembled. Here they are setup on my gaming table.

and also with some troops marching by...

Now I have to find somewhere to store them, time for some cupboard tidying !

Friday, 17 April 2009

Grand Designs (6) - The Palace Door

I've finished off the central section of the palace for my diorama; the palace door will be partly obscured by the columns of the portico so here is a picture of the door (the moulding above the door was sourced from a local dolls house shop).

The door is painted onto the low relief building section made of foam board. I have to finish the portico and assemble the rest of the palace on the diorama shelf.

The rest of the palace diorama is coming along nicely, the original building with viewing baclony now looks out over a larger 'parade' ground area; and the palace garden section is completed altough will probably need some additions.

All wiil be revealed when the complete diorama is finished.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Pontoon Wagon

I've felt a little better the last couple of days and managed to do a couple of things. I've also been fiddling with my palace diorama. Also I've assembled by Reiver castings goodies. I really like the pontoon wagon, shown below with some spare front rank artillery crew.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Frustration !

I hate being ill ! I have acquired a urinary infection - not pleasant; I'm on anti-biotics and feeling cruddy. The modelling desk is off limits while I rest and snooze and try and shake it off.

I was cheered up yesterday by the arrival of an order from Reiver Castings. I indulged in some items from the 'artillery-and-park'; it was pleasure to unpack the parcel, but now I am frustrated as the lovely stuff: 2 guns+limbers, 1 pontoon wagon, 2 mortars, and 2 baggage wagons are sitting on my modelling desk waiting for assembly and painting. I also bought the poonton bridge set; today I put it together for a trial assembly - here 'tis

Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy - it matches how I feel.

If you want to see some of the goodies available have a look at http://reivercasting.wordpress.com/reiver-28mm-figures/austrian-army-1683-1700/artillery-and-park/

Time for a little snooze.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Grand Designs (5) - Palace Exterior

The King has just approved the architects drawings for the improvement of the main entrance of the palace,
I've kept my viewing 'balcony' model as part of the new palace diorama, adding a formal garden. Plenty of space for the King and his court to be posed outside. Below is a trial arrangement for the main entrance portico, using 5" plastic cake stands

I'll be constructing the diorama on a 6 foot by 9" shelf (recovered from an old model railroad shelf layout).
The internal rooms will be be built later, so far I have a short list:
- main entrance hall
- ballroom
- library
- gallery
- day room
and more as needed when the mood takes me.

Friday, 3 April 2009

New Heads for Old - Dragoon Conversion

At a recent Toy&Train fair there was a chap selling of some of his model soldier collection. After picking up some cheap Prince August casting metal, I spotted a bag of twelve 25mm riders (£3) - I thought they were just the thing to try out a replacement tricorne heads conversion. When I got home I had a quick look on the net to see what they were: 10 Old Glory napoleonic british lifeguards, a polish officer (Poniatowski ?) and one very odd figure. I put the odd figure into my melting pot bin, so I was left with the following:

First thing I did was cut off the old heads (and put them into my melting pot bin) . I had a spare OG officer so he was added to make up the number to 12. I had already cast some tricorne heads from my 40mm Creartec moulds, in the next picture you can see work in progress ..

The new heads fitted quite nicley on the OG bodies, the OG bugler was given a sword and his bugle used to convert the polish officer into a bugler...

To finish off the troopers were provided with with some Front Rank light horses, I also added some boot tops using green stuff. Here they are prancing about on their new horses ...

Next thing is to paint them up. Well into the painting queue they go .. don't know when they'll get to the top though !