Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Clear bases for figures ?

I've been looking for commercially produced clear bases for some time. Sally 4th now produce them in a range of sizes (Clear Terra-Bases).

I bought some to try out,  a quick comparison

left : figure on a base cut from clear plastic packaging (thinner)
centre: figure on Terra-Base, a bit thicker but Ok.
right: figure on terrained base - clashes with stone surface.

Similar comparison using 54mm figs from above (40mm bases), with a 28mm fig on penny size (20mm) clear base...
 One risk of clear bases is the 'reflection' effect, this depends on lighting and angle of viewing; more likely with larger bases, as shown here with a 54mm figure.
Overall I think these new bases are really useful, avoiding the base<->terrain clash effect.

I'm most likely to use them for my 54mm roman civilians. I'll stick to my scheme (bases cut from clear plastic packaging) for my 18C palace civilians.

Monday, 13 October 2014

40mm: Wittenberg - Battalion Guns and Dragoons.

General Waldebeck continues with his busy round of inspections, firstly watching firing practice by the new regimental battalion guns.
 Then on to inspect the new dragoon regiment, who have recently received new uniforms, guidons, and a kettle drummer..

Monday, 6 October 2014

40mm: Wittenberg Feldjagers ...

This time some Wittenberg Feldjagers (mounted jagers); I've repainted my rather tired looking three mounted Kings Jagers in the style of the uniform of the Duchy of Saxony Feldjagers; now looking much better ...

Saturday, 4 October 2014

40mm: Boritzy Freikorps on review ..

The new officers (recently modelled here) of the Freikorps infantry take up their positions, for the review...

The infantry drawn up with the Freikorps band in the centre ....
 General Waldebeck rides across in front of the Freikorps artillery and uhlans to inspect the infantry....

Thursday, 2 October 2014

40mm: Wittenberg converged grendaier batallion

The converged grenadiers of the two Wittenberg regular infantry regiments (shown previously) is inspected by General Waldebeck...

[ figs: the grenadiers are Creartec home casts with Front Rank AWI hessian grenadier heads]

Monday, 29 September 2014

40mm: Replacement officers ...

Had to use the two mounted officers for the Boritzy Freikorps infantry to make up the numbers in the cavalry; so got the spares out and some extra Creartec figs cast recently to put together the replacements

Grenadier officer on left, chasseur officer on right.
Grenadier officer has a Front Rank head;  Chasseur officer has a busby from green stuff and holds a sword.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

40mm project: quick update

Work continues on the 40mm rework project; currently finishing off a converged grenadier battaltion for Wittenberg, just basing left to do.

I've also been looking at Wittenberg cavalry; have sorted out the organistion I want - two  9 fig squadrons + command per regiment.  The following are in the queue:
- Uhlans, add a couple of extra figures then sort out the basing
- Dragoons, rework a couple of figures, repaint and rebase
- A new squadron of kurassier (all casting done)
- Mounted Feldjager (3 off)

Also done a little modelling making up a kettle drummer for the dragoon regiment.

After the Wittenberg cavalry is done I'll start back on their Saxe-Jarslberg opponents.