Saturday, 13 December 2014

The King make his way back to the palace ...

On returning from his hunting trip the King stopped off at Waldemart

The Kings made a special visit to the Priory to hear the famous singing nuns ....
The next day, after staying the night in the Burgermeister's residence, he returned to Wittenberg palace.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

40mm: Pandours for Wittenberg - WIP4 - all conversions done

Had a bit of push and finished off the rest of the conversions I required to finish off the battalion (13 in all); I've used some hungarian infantry figures (firing/marching/kneeling/biting cartridge) as a basis for a few figures.
I've also done out a quick first-off colour scheme,
So will now be moving on to painting the unit..

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

40mm: Pandours for Wittenberg - WIP3

The tools and stuff what I use

I prefer a pin-chuck as I can only stab myself with the bit, rather than drill a hole in myself using an electric powered mini-drill. For cutting bits off figures I use a good strong pare of snippers - the orange handled pair (normally used for Xuron OO/HO model railway track cutting). For moving arm position I use the pin-nosed pliers.

I've put a few photos together to outline some of the techniques used for my next batch of three Pandour conversions

First one using the standard advancing figure - first I cut off the musket & hands, raised up the left arm, re-positioned the right arm and stuck a new musket into position. For sticking smaller parts I use a dab of Evo-Stick on one part and a dab of super glue on the other.
 Next up a marching pandour based on a Hungarian march attack figure - a head swap, new musket and the coat tails removed - all the bits laid out
 All put together, using some green stuff to attach the head,

 Next a pandour carrying his musket; this time after cutting of the musket&hands I repositioned the right arm, for the left arm I've added a new one part made of wire and the cuff of the original arm
I usually leave the figures for a day to allow glue and green stuff to set. Then I add missing hands and do any additional re-buiding.

All three finished with new hands where needed, plus a new arm for the middle chap using green stuff.
Now to decide the on the poses for the next batch of three.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

A spot of hunting ....

The King and the Field Marshall, with an escort of horse grenadiers, arrive at the King's hunting lodge in the forest some 10 miles from Wittenberg.
After a restful evening and night they head out hunting. They have a good day and have already shot five deer and two wild boar. Late in the afternoon while stalking a herd of deer they reach a small clearing, staring defiantly at them is a white hart ....
 The King in awe of this beautiful and brave animal, declines to shoot it and lets it go off into the forest.

Friday, 28 November 2014

40mm: Pandours for Wittenberg - WIP2

I have finished off three more pandour conversions ....
so 6 done, 18 to go. I've run out of figs, so I've ordered 18 more pandours to convert plus some hungarian infantry which may provide some more body poses to play with.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

40mm: Pandours for Wittenberg - WIP

I've decided to add a battalion of pandours to Witteneberg's Boritzy Freikorps; I'll be building the unit up from some Creartec homecasts and Irregular Miniatures pandour figure. The aim is to have lots of different pose figures, so conversions to do with green stuff etc.

I've finished doing the officers

and have 3 of the pandours done, original Irregular Miniatures on the left and a couple with simple change of pose.
I have another 21 pandours to work on, so will post pictures as things develop.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

40mm: Wittenberg - Kurassiers

Colonel Waldebeck finishes his round of inspections of the forces at his disposal. Today he is checking out a detached squadron of Kurassier regiment von Plotz.

[note: the Kurassier figures are Creartec homecasts]