Sunday 1 January 2012

Stages of a Siege (tracking down a picture)

 ! Happy new year everybody !

A few months ago I bought this nice coloured engraving of a siege in a charity shop for £5, (the engraving is about 16 by 9 inches). It seemed familiar but I couldn't place it.

We had some visitors today and I showed them the picture which is in our hallway, we talked about it - then I remembered the skyline - in C.Duffy's Fire and Stone book there is an illustration showing an engraving of siege - same skyline. A bit of digging on the net revealed there were a set of six, by J.Rigaud published in 1732 of the siege of Barcelona ( I have no. 3 in the set one from a later coloured english edition). So I did some further net searching and got images of all 6 of the original english edition, here they are for your enjoyment (click to englarge):

1- The opening of the Trenches

2 - Sallies defended and repulsed

3-Attack and Lodgement on the covert way

4 - Attack on the two Bastions

5 - Assault on the main body of the place

6 - the place given up to plunder


  1. A good find on your part. Now you have to keep a lookout for the others so you can obtain a complete set.


  2. A beautiful series --and certainly embarrassing for some of us... :S

  3. If I had enough wall space to hang them I may be tempted to buy the rest of the set

    -- Allan