Tuesday, 10 January 2012

40mm: Some tents for the big fellas ..

I received a pack of 10 white hankerchiefs for Xmas, hmm I thought they could be useful for something (apart from their normal function).  Material for tents ! I needed some tents for my 40mm collection, so I scaled up the cardboard former I used for making my 30mm tents. One former ready to try out the hanky sourced tent ....
A hankerchief was cut in quarters, I used one piece and glued/stretched it round the former. Then cut the ends and glued them down, final touch I used a black fine marker pen to indicate the ties on tent flaps.
Looks OK to me, an order for more has been made to the tent-maker ..


  1. Neat and simple - great idea! Not a bad end for hankies nearing the end of their useful 'rhinocular' lives, as well - retirement to some camping ground!