Sunday, 29 January 2012

Princess Elisenda crosses the border into the Duchy of Fenwick

After Princess Elisenda and her party left the palace they spent a couple of days journeying north, they stopped for a short spell to stretch their legs by investigating the old roman ruins at Karsdorf.
Then on they went till they reached the border town of Harrusbrücke . A small escort of Fenwick horse grenadiers prepares to lead the convoy on ...


  1. Love the bridge, foundations laid and built within a week, damned impressive, Wonder if the princess picked up anything in those peaceful old ruins

  2. Not that unlikely I believe, for I suppose modern concepts and good practices in archaeological research weren't well established yet in 18th century. I guess that boundaries between archaeology and collection-ism would be quite narrow in these times...

    Anyway, when (even) younger Princess Elisenda graduated in Ancient History & Arts at the Monte-Cristan École de Sciences des Demoiselles, so that she must be especially acknowledged about 'pre-archaeological' best practices --and wouldn't perform any action she knew might be harmful for eventual later researchings...

  3. The bridge was made a couple of years ago and has been sitting in one of my cupboards waiting for a suitable scenario/post.

    -- Allan