Sunday, 21 June 2009

Wittenberg Palace Guard

The Gardes Suisses who are assigned to guard the palace have been issued with a new uniform, instead of being in the austrian style it is now in the prussian style. The guard are briefed for the day's duties ...

Officer: Usual day's guard duty, no special visitors are expected. Keep an eye open for Larry the Llama, he is apparently back in the palace grounds somewhere, if you see him inform the officer of the watch; they are still trying to re-capture him and get him back into the King's menagerie.

[figs: Foundry prussian grenadiers]


  1. Fine looking fellows indeed! Somehow their new uniforms is more flattering.

  2. The Reich Duke and every member of the Grand Tour will keep an eye out for the Larry the Llama...

  3. Smartly turned out indeed.

    -- Jeff

  4. Very nice, crisp and clean as befits royal guards!
    Is that Llarry the Llama llurking among the llavender? ;-)

  5. I'm really partial to those fine red waistcoats.