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1740 - Across The River Oudear (3rd Belgravian Wars) ...

further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

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The Monvrovians ...

The Monrovian army had withdrawn towards Vanderhof to protect their river crossing. General Stricknein had placed the main body of his army at Kleinhaus (north-west of Oberstein); the General has called a conference, the staff have assemebled ...

Gentlemen, look at the map ...

General: We are here at Kleinhaus, we control the road from Hausdorf , ready to block any move by the Wittenberg forces to move on Vanderhof. Count Pottsendorf with our allies is at Rottenhausen, we have a small force at Vanderhof. What should our next move be ? Any comments ?

Stilltwitz: Get back over the river Oudear as soon a possible I say, let's get home in one piece.

General: It is an option, but our orders are to hold Vanderhof until told otherwise. I'm still awaiting a response for my last request to withdraw.

Von Rappnov: We have a report from Pottsendorf at Rottenhausen, the vanguard of the Wittenland division is probing his position.

General: Haufmann can you see anything down the road at Einhaus ?

Haufmann: Yes, some officer wearing a cuirass, some hussars in red uniforms and what looks like jagers in the wooded area.

General: It's that damnable Wittenberger - General Waldebeck. Red hussars you say - the only unit I know they have like that is from the Wittenberg Guard Corps. It could be a bluff. Von Rappnov get the army ready and form up assuming we are facing an attack coming down the road from Hausdorf. Haufmann send a message to Pottsendorf - tell him of our situation; he is to fall back to Oberstein. I wish I knew where the main body of the Wittenberg army was ??

The Wittenbergers ....
The Wittenberg army had been manouvering; the Guard Corps was slowly moving down the road from Hausdorf towards Vanderhof and the Wittenland corps was moving on Rottenhuasen. The Field Marshall's plan was in motion; pin the Monrovians down and cross the river into Saxe-Jarlsberg, get behind them and block their river crossing point at Vanderhof. The Boldovian Corps and Household Troops was moving to Ingelwitz - there they would cross the River Oudear.

Troops reach Ingelwitz, the water is low and cavalry can ford/swim the river, so the Uhlans cross, the engineers and pontooniers start their work. Some Jagers are ferried across the river with some engineers

The ramp at one side is completed, as more jagers are ferried across ..

The ramp on the far bank has been completed and the pontoon bridge is halfway across

The pontoon bridge is completed [pontoon wagon and bridge set from Reiver Castings]

Just in time too, the Wittenland fusiliers cross over ..

The vanguard of the Wittenberg army forms up on the other side of the river, it won't be long before the main body arrives.

To Be Continued ...


  1. Your pontoon bridge photo-essay is wonderful. And I also like your map . . . simple yet effective.

    As always a very good post.

    -- Jeff

  2. Very good report, as usual. One of these days I need to make a pontoon bridge train.


  3. Another enjoyable report with lots of great pics! This is something we don't get to see often in our little world of ImagiNations - non-combat operations. Great work!

  4. Your last few posts have got me buying toy boats for future conversion like there's no tomorrow...the wife thinks I'm mad!

  5. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. I love the pontoon bridge. Every army of this era should have a company or two of pontoniers. Any chance of a closer look at the lancer regiment on the right flank of the bridgehead..?

  7. Here's a closer look, AJ. And you should look through all of Tidder's archives--it's all great, inspirational stuff.