Saturday, 6 June 2009

River Marine's column arrives at Fort Leopold

After a long march the River Marines have arrived at their base of operations. With them in the column are a company of engineers and some camp followers.

Some close-ups of the column...

The Engineers (figs: Foundry, scratchbuilt wagon and Front Rank horses)

River Marines (figs: Front Rank)

Camp Followers (figs: Blue Moon civilians; cart Irregular Miniatures)


  1. Excellent column! I like the wagon and cart and camp followers and all. Not just a body of troops, but a column with the kind of impenimenta they would have in real life.

  2. Great looking troops, a real credit to The Corps! Semper Fi!

    From an Army doggie,


  3. The whole Fort Leopold series of pictures is simply excellent!

  4. realy nice series of pictures and excellent troops.

  5. I suppose the Blue Moon 'Camp Followers' are from their FIW BMM304 Box 4 - Civilians set -not illustrated on their site? Just curious about 18th C. female minis.


  6. Jean-Louis

    the camp followers are from the BMM108 COLONIAL AMERICAN VILLAGERS pack.

    -- Allan

  7. Nice figures and it's good to see the tail of the army so well represented. The River Marines are a stalwart looking band. I think Hetzenberg could raise a similar force for the riverine flotilla.