Thursday, 4 June 2009

Hat 1/72 French Pontoon Set (#8108)

This looks like a useful little set; I understand that it contains 3 pontoon wagons with pontoon and bridges sections - although doesn't come with the front wheelset and horses; presumably you have to buy the French gun limber set as well. I might buy one (?) to see if any bits are useful, as I'm currently gearing up to do my large pontoon bridge and my pontooniers.


  1. That wagon looks like it would work well with RSM limbers...looks like a "must try".

  2. Interesting indeed.
    Do you know the Fine Scale Factory SYW range? They have more, including a po,toon wagon, in the Napoleonic one. Now, as for their availability… they seem to no longer appear on the Brookhurst Hobbies site? Maybe directly from CW Toys in Germany?