Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Zomverre V Monrovia: Battle of Pomeroy (part the first - opening moves)

The Monrovian army commanded by Field Marshall von Stricknein, having secured the burgh town of Hohenloe moved uncharacteristically quickly northwards taking the Ducal forces off guard. General von Messing commanding the Ducal forces, recently re-inforced by more troops from the Duchy of Fenwick, decided to make a stand at Pomeroy.


The Monrovian infantry battle line has deployed. General von Messing commanding the Ducal forces prepares to issue orders.
The Monrovian cavalry starts to deploy ....
The Monrovian battle line ...
Ducal forces start their deployment ...
The Ducal heavy artillery batteries deploy on the hill top and start to fire on the Monrovian centre, Monrovian artillery return fire ..
Field Marshal von Stricknein watches the Ducal forces deployment and issues further orders ...
Ducal mounted jagers skirmish with the Monrovian cavalry disrupting their deployment ...
The Ducal cavalry deploy ...
General von Messing issues the order to attack ....


to be continued....


  1. A wonderful display, very inspirational indeed!

  2. Look forward to the next report .

  3. you really now how to make a narrow table work great!

  4. This is going to be a mighty clash :)

  5. The Lord of Wittenberg continues to inspire.

  6. Lovely figures as always - I marvel how well you use a table I would find maddeningly narrow.

    But, err ... no terrain (well bar the deploying hill)?

  7. The table being narrow to fit in the available space I have - and as wide as I could get so as to be able to reach the back (3ft). Games have to be setup carefully and I usually manage more terrain - but with the size of the armies for this battle I had to go for 'framing' terrain.

    -- Allan

  8. ah, makes sense - and yes, I recall seeing a photo of the whole room, and admiring how cunningly you'd snugged your table into it, maximising your playing area.