Monday, 8 August 2011

Fenwick: Grenadiers on Parade

Offciers review the status of the newly kitted out converged grenadier battalion (to be part of the Wittenberg Legion).  They watch them drilling ...
and how well they form up into line ...
1. New Grenadier battalion from Jacdaw 30mm range; two companies match my existing two RSM battalions facings (blue and black), figures for the battalions for the other two companies to be bought and painted yet - will be from Jacdaw as well.
2 Watching officers Front Fank/Irregular,
3. House and barn Hornby Skaledale range.


  1. What a nice looking battalion of elites. Hope they do you proud. Great display again by the way. - Mike

  2. Looking good as always. I love your painting style, any chance of a tutorial, what undercoat, paints varnish etc. you use. It would be good to know

  3. Mike,

    will knock up a paiting 'tutorial'

    -- Allan