Saturday, 13 August 2011

Some Jager Conversions

While sorting out the final figures for a jager battalion, I decided to add some variety to the unit by converting a few Foundry prussian jagers. I used some spare arms sets from plastic WSS figs, they seem to go well together.  Piccy below,  original unmodified figure in the middle...


  1. Interesting that most of your conversions seem to have a more natural pose than the original. I'm with you in that I'm finding the WSS parts and minis very handy for making "one-off" conversions. Look forward to seeing these guys in their final (painted) form. - Mike

  2. Indeed! Remarkable conversion jobs!

  3. Looking good Alan, ditto the above. What's that putty on the bases?

  4. Not sure if it's the case here, but conversions do have the advantage that they don't have to adhere to the dictates of molding and casting.

    Excellent conversions!

    I like the heft of metal figures and dislike the fiddly construction involved in multi-part plastics (as well as the fragility of the latter), but using plastic bits to convert metal figures works very well. Seems to combine the advantages of both, in my experience.

  5. Excellent looking figures and I too await their completion with enthusiasm...

  6. Mike,

    The bases are filled over with Ronseal Plastic Wood Filler, colour Natural

    -- Allan