Saturday, 21 May 2011

More buildings and a cross

The last (?) of my new buildings for my 40mm gaming

I decided I wanted a cross for my village, I had a browse through Ancient Stone Crosses of England by Alfred Rimmer for some inspiration. I scratch bulit one from cardboard, the shaft is made from part of the casing from a BIC biro.
The finished cross wih the three more completed buildings from TSS.
Count Boritzy and his Uhlans on the move

I've a hankering to add some more builidngs, perhaps something a little different. At the moment I would like to have something like the market cross at Wymondham in Norfolk.

1 comment:

  1. Splendid buildings and especially the cross.

    Didn't realise Wymondham has a market building like that, even though we have a friend who lives there - admittedly we haven't been able to visit him yet so that's some excuse. :-) It would certainly make an attractive addition to your collection.