Saturday, 29 August 2009

Palace Interior (3) - Furniture ?

I've been trying to find suitable scale furniture for my palace interiors, so far no joy. I was lucky today when I found one pack of miniature dolls house furniture at my local 'car boot' sale; can't find it on the net so may be no longer in production; annoyingly its just the right size - figure shown with chair from set.

Anyone any ideas where to get suitable scale size furniture ??


  1. You might be able to make your own out of balsa wood or card. Based on your other interiors, I would bet that you have the artistic talent to pull this off. Give it a try.

  2. Actually, a web search on miniature figures and furniture should produce some results.
    There used to be a shop in the next county which specialized in what one would consider "doll house" furniture, some of it surprisingly intricate and expensive though ...

  3. You should take a look at I'm not sure about the scale as I think a lot of Doll's House stuff is 1/12th. The stuff is expensive though!