Saturday, 22 August 2009

Palace Interior (2) - Entrance Hall

I've finished the first of my palace interior rooms, the entrance hall (as shown in ). I had great fun with this room, the stairs took a bit of working out but it came right as you can see. I used the same tile paper for the main floor on all the steps and the upper landing. I kept the pink decor (saved repainting the walls) as it does really go well with the black and white tiles. Pictures were reduced and stuck to cardbrorad and the gold frames painted on. So now for some pictures - a view looking into the middle of the hall; the garde suisse are on duty as they guard the closed doors to the royal appartments.

The King and Queen have come out to see how their new portraits look now they have been hung in the hall, first the King looks at his ...

and the Queen looks at hers ..


  1. Fantastic! This is a great looking room. Very very nice.

    -- Jeffs

  2. Beautiful work! :-)


  3. Magnificent! Was the architect Incapability Brown, his competitor B.S. "Bloody Stupid" Johnson, or some local fellow? When do we get to see the Hall Of Mirrors and the Grand Ballroom?

  4. Beautiful work.
    I see the King has managed to acquire the middle section of The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch!

  5. Excellent stuff although I'm not sure if that shade of pink is an official English Heritage colour!


  6. I am officially jealous. I wish that I had your modeling talents. You are very clever and creative.