Saturday, 2 May 2009

40mm: Freikorps Uhlans

The Uhlans of the Wittenberg Boritzy Freikorps; a 2 squadron regiment (using Charge unit definitions as a basis).

I think I might move the guidon bearer to the command group and do another uhlan for the 1st squadron; perhaps I may add a 3rd squadron later as well. A closeup of the command ...

[figs: All cast from Creartec 40mm hussar moulds converted to uhlans, except officers who are Irregular Miniatures hussars]


  1. Yes! Do add a third squadron. They look so nice that it would be a shame not to paint another nine. I think I'll need to add a unit of these to one of my imaginary armies at some point. Lovely work as always and a continuing inspiration.

    Best Regards,


  2. Stokes,

    your right a third squadron would be great - will have to cast some more.


  3. Brave looking lads indeed, sir. But it would be a shame to let your mould go unused . . . cast another squadron.

    -- Jeff