Saturday, 14 February 2009

Wittenberg - Boldovian Army Corps Review

Its been a busy week of prepartions for the Boldovian army corps review. The review is being held at Heidelheim in the province of Upper Belgravia, all the units of the army corps having moved into this province due to the military build up by Monrovia. The review is just about to start ...

All the units are ready and in position ...

The members of the court who accompanied the King and local dignitaries, are gathered in one of the bastions to view the proceedings ...

To keep them entertained the guard horse band is present; they will also play suitable music for the march past ..

King Leopold IV rides out of Heidelheim accompanied by his general staff; the fortess guns fire a salute ..

Before the march pass the King rides round to inspect the assembled troops

First to march past are Dragoon Regiments No1 and No2.

They are followed by the light troops, the Red Pulk of Uhlans and the Jagers

Next the converged grenadier battalion and the artillery ...

Infantry regiments No11 (red facings) and No12 (green facings)

Finally, Infantry regiments No9 (blue facings) and No10 (yellow facings)

After the review the army corps will dipserse to its forward positions in Upper Belgravia.


  1. The mounted band is a really nice touch - I also like the cannon smoke!

    I feel like I was there...


  2. Loved the photos and wondered also about the mounted band- who manufactured them?
    best wishes

  3. Rousing photos! Your figures and set-up compliment each other very nicely. Are you houses from kits, or did you design/build them yourself?

    Best Regards,


  4. You have taken the "grand review" concept to new and higher levels. Nicely done.

  5. Splendid indeed. I particularly liked the touch of the crowd from the Court watching.

    But everything was done beautifully. As always I am delighted by the care you take in setting up your dioramas.

    Very well done again, sir.

    -- Jeff

  6. magnificent review indeed...I particularly liked the ulhans.

  7. Once again you present us with interesting and pleasing tableaus. Thank you!
    I, too, was taken by the guard horse band, as well as the members of the court viewing from the bastion and all of the troops and terrain.
    Inspiring as ever!

  8. So glad you all enjoyed the review, I certainly had fun setting up and taking the photos.

    The Guard Horse band is converted from the french napoleonic guard band available from Mirliton Miniatures.

    My houses are from a variety of sources, the ones you can see in the pictures are a Pola (HO) kit, two pottery houses rebased, and the cottage is a Aifix/Dapol kit.

    -- Allan

  9. What a magnificent collection!